Why should I use CBD?

By now, you’ve probably heard of some of the health benefits of regular cannabidiol (CBD) intake. It can help treat everything from anxiety to back pain, and if you need a refresher course on what CBD is, our blog exploring the basics of CBD is a great crash course.

But, assuming you’re aware of the benefits that CBD can provide, you may still be skeptical of it. Sure, it can provide relief for chronic back pain, but it’s a pretty nascent therapy type. Why would I try it instead of some of the more commercially available drugs?

Well, for starters, you don’t need a prescription for CBD. It’s a completely naturally occurring substance derived from plants much like, say, the caffeine in tea leaves. It’s processed by cannabinoid receptors throughout the body that help regulate–among other things–pain, memory, mood, and appetite. And, perhaps most notably, CBD has almost no side effects, has no toxicity, and is completely nonaddictive which–when compared, with the alternatives available via prescription–is miraculous.

Consider this recent study by doctors at McGill University which demonstrated that CBD showed great promise for the treatment of chronic nerve pain. A more traditional form of prescription treatment for chronic nerve pain could involve opioids, which are so dangerous and addictive they caused more than 42,000 deaths in the US in 2017 alone and forced the White House to declare a national public health emergency in relation to their abuse

So, to get back to the question at hand, why should you use CBD? In short, because a growing amount of scientific studies show that CBD can treat the symptoms of an incredibly long list of common ailments, is completely safe, and comes straight from nature. And if you want to try CBD, nowhere is better to start your journey than with CBD Brands. No other brand on the market offers our patented genetic testing to match your physiological makeup with the perfect type of CBD treatment for your needs,  or can guarantee the seed-to-need purity of products we can due to our unrivaled production pipeline.